Fly or Die Trying: 3 Real-Life Superpowers

This is going to be a quick post about personal development and life hacking

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Do we live in a simulation or can I really get superpowers??

Do you know how your unconscious works? Most people do not.

Joshua Waitzkin is a master unconscious (-er?).

Dude was 16 years old when he received the title of International Chess Master. He is also a Tai Chi world champion and the inspiration for the book “Chasing Bobby Fischer.” More than anything else though, Josh is a bold bold reality-hacker. Take, for example, his claim that he translates the essence of chess into the language of Tai Chi.

Your unconscious mind is basically an app that extracts and bottles large chunks of memory and intuition instantly. It gives them three vigorous shakes. Then, much like Toaster Streudel™, it pops out a fresh, hot, answer to your question.

The most exciting thing about former chess prodigies like Josh is the thought that their superpowers could somehow be obtainable. Science can explain genius. One way it arises is through a condition called synesthesia.

what is synesthesia?

This is when your senses get jumbled together and you “smell” a color or “taste” a sound. It happens with brains that have above average neural connections.

This dramatic trait that is more common than you might imagine. Billie Eilish has it.

Stevie Wonder could SEE his music, despite being blind

Waitzkin and Stevie Wonder might seem like geniuses to us, but their genius is actually explainable by modern science.

Waitzkin says he doesn’t even like the word prodigy! He claims we can all harness incredible superpowers if we just learn to learn. The internet has proven Waitzkin right. People like Wim Hof are prime examples of real-life superheroes. The internet has created obsessive self-improvers like myself, and it has enabled us to hunt down the blueprints to eye-popping things like memory palaces and synesthesia.

Memory palaces are also worth a quick Google search, by the way.

Conclusion: 3 real life human superpowers

In conclusion, you and everybody around you has access to superpowers if you wish. A few of them include:

Wolf Endurance (super stamina): Human beings have developed to be able to run without stopping for thousands, yes thousands, of miles.

Spider Senses (synesthesia): Sense things in a useful way that nobody else is capable of

Eel Immunity (cold tolerance): The Wim Hof method is a way for you to gain true superpowers. Using breathing techniques and the power of the mind, Wim was able to climb Mt. Everest in shirtless and in shorts.

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