New Quantum App Will Make You Wonder: “Do We Live in a Simulation??”

Fun Fact: Did you know there are three free, public access quantum computers in America?

The first app I’ve ever downloaded that harnesses the power of these prodigious machines is called Randonautica. The app uses IBM’s quantum computers to generate a random location near you. It gets kinda wild from there.

The talk at the office watering hole is that the app “reads your mind” and sends you to a location related to whatever your intention was when you hit Go. There are hundreds of unexplained coincidences happening on this thing all over the world. They say the app causes “glitches in the matrix.”

The law of attraction meets GPS

These are some of the stories

Videos for these stories are included at the end of this article 👇:

#1. A guy whose intention was “surprise” was taken to a location where he saw a hang glider come flying out of the sky right in front of him.

#2. A couple whose intention was “something out of place” was taken to a house with a freaky garden gnome placed on the porch

#3. A guy whose intention was “God” was taken to a plaque that said “Mediante Dio” or “Through God.”

Randonautica has a dark side though.

It initially went viral on TikTok after some young users posted a video arriving at a site with human remains in a suitcase. This was not an isolated incident. Other videos can be seen bringing people to what could be seen as sites of cult sacrifices and other … unusual events. The app calls them “anomalies.”

Is It Dangerous?

The Randonautica team is composed of about 9 individuals. The two developers on their team receive anonymous GPS information from your phone that is neither linked to any sensitive information nor is it stored anywhere.

The locations are not manipulated by anybody, so there is no danger of lurkers in the shadows. However, it is strongly recommended that “Randonauts” follow the buddy system.

As a digital nomad living in Bogota, my own experience with Randonautica took me deep within a favela. And yes, we did experience an anomaly. No, we did not get mugged.

Randonauting in the El Dorado barrio of Bogota
Some friends and I went Randonauting

How It Works | Mind-Machine Interface (MMI)

In physics, the “Observer Effect” refers to the theory that observing an object or event alters it. They mention it all the time on Big Bang Theory and other shows.

Randonauting is a particularly adventurous example of this theory within emerging technology.

The strangest version of the “Observer Effect” happens in quantum mechanics. An experiment done in 1998 by the Weizmann institute showed that electrons passing through openings can behave as particles AND waves when not observed, but when a researcher is conscious of their existence and activity, they can ONLY behave as particles.

Today, there are many applied cases of Mind-Machine Interface including Musk’s infamous Neuralink and even mind-controlled drones.

To me, Randonautica is an example of society itself acting as the researcher, in the same way that ASMR became a scientifically validated idea as a direct result of thousands of videos on YouTube that demonstrated its existence and “put it under the microscope”.

Did you know there are three free, public access quantum computers in America? The internet has become the ultimate tool for research. Social experiments like Randonautica can be started by anybody with drive and curiosity

Whether we like it or not, our minds are powerful engines fueled by mysterious juice.

Do We Actually Live in a Simulation Though? WTF. How Real is This?

Do you remember watching sci-fi as a kid and wishing you could have those cool toys? There was Princess Leia’s hologram, Captain Kirk’s 3D printer, and The Jetsons’ flying car … Notice anything funny about these three “impossible technologies?”

They’ve all been invented in the last ten years. Literally all of them.

So is it possible for an app to change its output based on the intentions of the user? If there is one thing we should learn from the 21st century thus far, it’s that anything is possible.

There are about 20 stories of strange coincidences being posted online every day on the Randonautica Reddit community and my own belief is that they can’t all be lying. Whether you believe these accounts or not comes down to your personal philosophy.

If there is one thing we should learn from the 21st century thus far, it’s that anything is possible.


Would you dare to try the app? … Or is it all rubbish?




Wim Hof and the Rise of Real Life Superpowers

This is going to be a quick post about personal development and life hacking.


Related people and ideas:

  • Wolf Endurance: Human beings have developed to be able to run without stopping for thousands, yes thousands, of miles. (super stamina)
  • Spider Senses: Some of us can sense things in a useful way that normal people are incapable of. (synesthesia)
  • Eel Immunity: The Wim Hof method is a way for you to gain real life superpowers. Using breathing techniques and the power of the mind, Wim was able to climb Mt. Everest in shirtless and in shorts. (cold tolerance)

Superpowers don’t actually exist … do they?

After seeing Donald Trump become president of the country and seeing Elon Musk name his child X Æ A-12, it is difficult to make the case for what is and isn’t possible. 

Do you know how your unconscious works? This is the powerful mechanism for unlocking every one of the three real-life superpowers in this article.

Sadly, most people have no idea how their subconscious works or how to make friends with it.

The subconscious is always in your thoughts, whether you like it or not.

John Harold

Your unconscious mind is basically like an app for your brain that extracts and packages enormous chunks of memory, feelings, and intuition instantly. It warms them up. Then, much like Toaster Streudel™, it pops out a fresh, hot answer to life’s questions.

These questions can be as mundane as “how much milk should I drink with this pastry?” or as complex as “should I ask her to marry me?”

One example of a guy with a great relationship with his subconscious

Joshua Waitzkin is a master unconscious (-er?).

He was 16 years old when he received the title of International Chess Master. He is also a Tai Chi world champion and the inspiration for the book “Chasing Bobby Fischer.” More than anything else though, Josh is a bold bold lifehacker. 

Take, for example, his claim that he translates the essence of chess into the language of Tai Chi.

The most exciting thing about former chess prodigies like Josh is the thought that their superpowers could somehow be obtainable. Science can explain genius. One way it arises is through a condition called synesthesia.

What is synesthesia?

This is when your senses get jumbled together and you “smell” a color or “taste” a sound. It happens with brains that have above average neural connections. 

This dramatic trait that is more common than you might imagine. Billie Eilish has it.

Stevie Wonder could SEE his music, despite being blind

Waitzkin and Stevie Wonder might seem like geniuses of unattainable magnitude to us, but their genius is actually explainable by modern science and replicable by normies like you and me.

Waitzkin says he doesn’t even like the word prodigy! He claims we can all harness incredible superpowers if we just learn to learn. 

The internet has proven Waitzkin right. It might sound like science fiction, but normal human beings can run marathons in the Arctic like Wim Hof and hone their ability to see music like Stevie Wonder.

Don’t question it too much. For all intents and purposes, these are examples of real-life superpowers.

Conclusion: 3 real life human superpowers

In conclusion, you and everybody around you has access to superpowers if

In the 2020s, planning a trip to Mars is less naive than believing humans are never getting there. The superpowers in this article have been used and practiced by human beings for thousands of years. It is only our own Western culture that is getting to know them for the first time thanks to the interference of the internet. 

The internet has created obsessive self-improvers like myself, and it has enabled us to hunt down the blueprints to eye-popping things like memory palaces and synesthesia.

‘Memory palaces’ are also worth a quick Google search, by the way.

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